SAT® Test Dates 2019-2020

SAT® score release dates
Most SAT scores are released by College Board two weeks after testing. June is an exception because the scores take up to six weeks. 
SAT® Time and Duration
Arrive by 7:45 am because the doors will close at 8 am. The exam starts between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. You can register for the exam with or without the essay portion. If you are taking the exam without an essay, you will be testing for 3 hours; therefore you will end around noon. If you are taking the exam with an essay, you will be testing for 3 hours and 50 minutes; therefore your exam will end around 1pm. You get one 10 minute break and one 5 minute break, during which you can eat and drink.
How Much does SAT cost?
The registration fee for the SAT exam without the essay is $49.50. The registration fee for the SAT with the essay is $64.50. You may qualify for a reduced fee of $8 if you are taking the SAT without essay, or $15 fee for SAT with essay based on income. Check with your school counselor to find out if you are eligible for an SAT fee waiver that allows you to take the SAT test for free.
What is a School SAT Test Administration date?
Your school may offer SAT testing to you on a weekday for your convenience. Contact your school for more information.
Find SAT test locations here.
Want a free SAT test prep? Click here to access review material, practice tests, formula sheets and more.

Steps to take to prepare for SAT®

  • Check SAT® requirements for the University of your choice.

  • Take a practice test to assess your competency.

  • Schedule your test and give yourself time to study.

  • Plan: Make a study schedule and stick to it.

  • Obtain your SAT® study guide and formula sheets.

  • Study your notes and memorize formulas.

  • Take a lot of practice tests to master concepts.

  • Take the SAT® and get a good score.

What to do The day before the SAT® exam

Get organized for the next day

Pack your SAT® ticket, graphing calculator, wristwatch, Identification card, pencils, erasers, and formula sheets ready to go. Be organized and ready to prevent anxiety about forgetting important documents.

Review notes & SAT® formulas

Check to make sure you have memorized your formulas. Ensure that you know when and how to use each formula. If possible, maximize your learning by reviewing SAT® formulas with friends. You can learn from each other.


Take breaks. Remember that you want your brain ready for the test, but not overworked. If you are feeling anxious; exercise, meditate, and/or chat with friends.

Eat well

Make sure to include protein in your well-balanced meal to boost mental clarity and concentration. Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. Get snacks ready for the next day. You can eat during exam breaks.

Set your alarm

Set your alarm for the next day. Consider the drive or commute time to the testing center. Plan to get there at least 30 minutes early to be safe.

Sleep early

Sleep early to give your brain rest. An exhausted brain will struggle to comprehend information.