Top 5 Tips for a higher score on the SAT® math section.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The 5 top tips for success on the SAT® math section are plugging in, patterns, shortcuts, eliminating wrong answer choices, and good time management.

Plug in each answer option for the variable of interest.

For example; for x + 7 = 9. If you plug in 2 for x, you get 9 = 9. Therefore, out of all the answer choices, 2 is the correct answer.

Watch out for Patterns

For example:

2x + 3y = 7

3x + 2y = 8;

If you are asked to find x + y, adding the two equations results in 5x + 5y = 15.

If the equation is divided by 3,the result is x + y = 3.

Use Shortcuts

Save time by using shortcuts. To find slope in an ax + by = c equation, use the shortcut formula:

slope = -(a/b).

For example: For 4x + 2y = 7, slope = -(4/2) = 2.

Eliminate wrong answer choices

Eliminate wrong answers to narrow down your answer choices. Sometimes this method actually singles out your answer.

Good Time Management

If after one minute you are still trying to solve a question, move on. Your exam is timed.

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