SAT Study Plan for ios users

What is an SAT Study Plan?

An SAT study plan is a schedule of tasks for students to complete to prepare for the SAT. These tasks include a review of SAT concepts, assessments on the concepts reviewed, and timed practice tests to assess your readiness for the real SAT test. Formula Sheets and Flashcards are also included in this SAT Study plan to help you with the retention of information learned.


Who needs an SAT Study Plan?

A famous quote says, "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail"; all students preparing to take the SAT test can benefit from planning ahead. This is especially useful for self-studying students who want to stay on track with their studies because the hard work is already done for you - just click on the task of the day to begin. If you follow the study plan, your SAT scores will improve.

How to use the Study plan?

It is recommended that you print or download a copy to record your scores. Choose your start date (8 weeks before your test date), and begin. You can use this study plan for more than 8 weeks or less than 8 weeks, as long as you complete all tasks or at least brush on your areas of difficulty.