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I am not good in math, should I quit SAT?

No. Make a weekly plan that includes studying your notes and taking practice tests, and stick to it strictly

Is SAT math hard?

Nothing is hard when you are good at it. Perfection comes after practice. Practice math everyday, and you will find it easy

How many sections are there on the SAT?

There are five sections if you include the optional essay.

Are formulas provided on the SAT?

Not all. Formulas provided are

What should I do on the day before my SAT?

Eat well Sleep well Get everything you need together and in your backpack or folder study notes and formulas

Where can I find SAT® formula sheets?

click here

How many practice tests do you have?

Up to 20. Each time you start the practice test, you will be provided with new questions.

How to Study for SAT

What is the SAT format?

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When I try to take an exam I get an error message "something went wrong"?

Your computer is not compatible with the test generator. A quick update of your system might fix the problem. Minimum System Requirements for testing: Supported Operating Systems - Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10| Mac OS 8 & above. | Android 4.1 & above. | iOS 6 & above. Supported Web Browsers - Internet Explorer 8 , 9, 10, 11 & above. | Mozilla Firefox 24 & above. | Google Chrome 18 & above. | Apple Safari 5 & above. | Opera 20 & above. Minimum Screen Resolutions - For PC & Mac 1024 X 768 & above | For tablets & mobile devices 470 X 320 & above.:

How can I improve my SAT score using your website?

At Free SAT practice we believe that preparing +studying+ lots of practice is key to scoring high on SAT. This is why we provide 1. A comprehensive review of the the math content evaluated on the SAT on the math review page. You can review this material 2. Time saving strategies 3. Assessment tests to evaluated how well you are able to apply what you have reviewed 4. Timed Practice tests to evaluate how well you do under time pressure. 5. Tools like study plannerhelps you to stay organized and focused and prepared

Is this website really free?

Yes, 100% free.

I am still confused about how to use the website

Please contact us at

I need more tests. You only have one calculator test, and one non calculator.

Free SAT Practice has more than two practice tests. To take a new practice test simply refresh your Browser and click start test to take the test again. You will get a brand new test generated from our question bank.

Can this Website help me with other Math classes?

Yes, SAT tests your understanding and application of the United states High school common core curriculum. The formulas notes and Practice tests will help you in school

Who created this website?

This website is created and maintained as a free website by Great Minds Academic Tutoring located in California. We believe every student should have a real chance

The website looks wierd on my ipad

For best viewing experience, please use a cellphone or laptop.