What is SAT®?

SAT® simply stands for SAT® and is a product of the College Board. It is a standardized exam that evaluates the mathematical, reading and writing skills of students seeking admission to a University in the United States. Questions in the newest version (2016 to present) of the SAT® are closely aligned with the current common core curriculum in the United States High schools.

Scores range from:

200 to 800 points for the math section

200 to 800 points for the Reading, Writing and Language section

Written essay

 The written essay is optional however, some schools require it for admission considerations. The written essay is scored between 0 and 24. 

Breakdown of Exam


Free SAT practice is created as a platform that provides free SAT test prep for all students. Current material is limited to math but will have Reading and writing in the future

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 1. Get organized and plan

 Every successful test preparation starts with a solid plan. It is recommended that you download and/or print an SAT study plan that allows you to get organized and prepare for the SAT. A study plan is a clickable schedule that allows you to review concepts and take online timed practice tests weekly to brush up on your concepts and improve your test-taking skills.

2. Review: The SAT tests concepts are taught in both middle school and high school. Therefore, it is recommended to review these concepts. Formula sheets and Flashcards can help you to memorize SAT concepts and formulas faster. After studying SAT test concepts, we recommend taking lots of practice tests.

3. Start Practicing. 

Taking lots of online timed practice tests are important because they simulate the real SAT test experience, which in turn reduces the anxiety that students experience when testing. In addition, You are less likely to get a question wrong if you have seen similar questions in the past. Furthermore, You will also be able to assess your competency, and build endurance. You can print out the corrected tests to study along with SAT formula sheets.

Collegeboard Official SAT® tests are very important to your study efforts because they are real SAT tests taken by students on previous test dates. These are included in the study plan as well.  

3. Monitor your improvement

Record your results to monitor your progress